Manchester 2015

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Comments received for Manchester 2015.                       She really enjoyed her days out and went very happily every day. The days were fun and allowed her to use her energy. (parent)                    He got to do activities that are not always available to him. Help to give him a social life. (parent)                     It enabled him to go out and enjoy things. (parent)                 We had time to spend with her brother and allowed him to have quality time with us and fun days out for him. (parent)                     Allowed me to spend time having one to one with his brother. (parent)                  This scheme is wonderful for us. It is a lifeline in the long summer break. As it in her school it allows continuity for her. We feel very grateful for the scheme and feel she benefits from the fun, social and stimulating activities. Thank you so much. (parent)                          Found this year’s play scheme had more variety in activities. We have used this scheme for several years and find the staff and services offered excellent. (parent)                          This service is brilliant. Could not get through school holidays without it. My son loves it and always has a lovely time. I know he is in safe hands. I can relax with my other children. (parent)