Stockport 2015

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Comments received from Stockport 2015                     It is really one of the only holiday activities he can access. He enjoys the independence. (parent)                      Able to access different places with young people his own age. (parent)                    He absolutely loved it. (parent)                  Great to be out socialising with peers and other adults. (parent)                   He loves coming to LfA. He enjoyed all the days out and activities. He benefits so much from this time as he’s out and about with his peers, enjoying activities. (parent)                        He absolutely loves it! He loves the trips, the bus and the staff who he is wearing out with all his energy. Thanks for letting him have a chance of going. (parent)                  Gave him the chance to have fun with peers in a safe environment, gaining independence from family. (parent)                       His sisters were able to have some time to do nice activities that children their age would normally do. (parent)                      Family gets some respite giving the siblings the opportunity to do what they want. (parent)                      Six weeks is a very long time for a single parent, day and night to care. A much needed break. (parent)                       We have had the best summer s a family we have ever had since the kids were born and I really believe the LfA scheme kick started it as it as week before the holiday we went on so he was in great spirits and we managed to get him on a plane. (last year he refused at the airport.) (parent)                          We benefit so much from this. We can do things together that we can’t enjoy with him e.g. going to the cinema, lunch out and shopping. (parent)                      We have managed to spend some time with his sister watching movies and shopping. This was really helpful as she does not get a chance usually. (parent)                          His sister was able to spend quality time with both parents, visiting places such as art galleries, which is impossible when he is with us. As a family we are somewhat limited to the places we can go with him but we are able to take his sister out and pamper / spoil her, comfortable in the knowledge that he is happy and well cared for. too often his sister feels like she comes second to his disability, so it is really important to make her feel special. (parent)                          The support workers that have supported my children have been brilliant at dealing with their needs and understanding on how to make their time at the playscheme brilliant. They are truly appreciated by us as a family. They woke up each morning looking forward to going out and when the scheme ended they missed it. (parent)                                 It’s a marvellous charity providing an essential service that does otherwise note exist in Stockport. Severely autistic people have very few holiday club options so this is vital! (parent)                          The team that run the scheme are fun, professional and caring. I know my son is in safe hands and have no worries when he is in their care. He is difficult for me to manage on my own and this scheme is a lifesaver for me. Lets him have experiences he wouldn’t otherwise get. A big thank you for another summer play scheme. He really enjoyed the days out and the team are fantastic! I don’t think I would have survived the summer without the help. (parent)                           He enjoyed his time on the scheme. He looked forward to it and was happy when I collected him. The staff were helpful and positive and worked will with the young people. It is good that such a scheme exists, which accepts all of the children however challenging they may be at times. Thank you. (parent)                                Had I known how the scheme worked and they were going on coaches etc I am not sure I would have let him go as he normally struggles with queuing and longer journeys. I am so glad we did let him go though as he didn’t stop talking about it and everyday kept reassurance he was going back the next day which was pleasure for us as parents as we don’t normally get that kind of reaction and excitement. His key worker worked him out on Day 1 and knew how he ticked and had the measure of him. For her to spot this and know how to manage him was great for us and immediately put our minds at ease. (parent)                               He has enjoyed his summer activities with you for many years now and hopefully it will continue. The staff are always mindful of his needs and make his experience a very positive one.
We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who works for LfA. The scheme is the only one that he can attend due to his severe autism. The activities planned are perfect for him. All the staff know how to deal with him and due to his tendency to escape I know that he is safe. Without this scheme the school holidays would be very long indeed. All the family benefit so much from it.
Good service. Caring, friendly and approachable staff.
We have used the service every year for many years now. It is the only playscheme that has consistently been able to meet my son’s needs and keep him safe. Without the scheme we would have been housebound for the entire summer. The staff are always excellent and ~I am confident in their care of my son. They always ensure that my son has a good time on the playscheme. the scheme has been a lifeline to my family over the summer.
LfA is a unique playscheme which caters for our unique children, no matter how challenging their behaviour. No other scheme has staff trained to such a high level, giving parents and young people alike the confidence to relax and enjoy a quality experience. Youngsters grow and flourish in a safe group and get to try new activities, encouraged by their one to one carers. The scheme is truly life changing. His anxieties disappear for the 5 hours he is with LfA and he is visibly relaxed when I collect him. The benefits to him are amazing. He has built up some fantastic relationships with his carers over the years; they are a wonderful, patient, caring bunch of people. Thank you. (parent)