Trafford 2015

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Comments from Trafford 2015              Excellent opportunities to go for leisure activities. Was safe and well looked after. (parent)                   He tried new and different experiences – socialising with similar children and being with different people away from his family. (parent)                  He literally skips to get in the car when he is shown the picture of LfA. (parent)                       He had a great week. Lovely activities supported by well-trained adults. Social opportunities and undivided attention. Lovely, busy days. (parent)                              Made a huge difference. The choice of activities was excellent as usual.(parent)                                   Able to access places not possible with Mum.  He enjoyed all of the activities. (parent)                           This scheme is invaluable. It meant some holiday days we were able to do “normal” stuff – which for us and her is priceless. (parent)                             We got to do things that you can’t when your eldest child is autistic and he has younger siblings. Trips out to places he can’t manage. (parent)                       It gives the rest of the family a break and lets us spend quality time together. (parent)                      Lovely to have some time to myself. (parent)                         This is one of the very few available leisure facility catering for children on the severe end of the autism spectrum. The staff are well trained, fully understand the young person and show interest in making sure he has a good time. Reliable service. I wish there were more days available to look. (parent)                           He has attended for a number of years now. He continues to look forward to and benefit from LfA. As a family we also feel the benefit. LfA continues to be invaluable to all of us and we would all miss it a great deal if it was not there for us. (parent)                        I cannot stress how important this scheme is. It is the best thing we have ever accesses for our son. Wonderful, dedicated staff. (parent)                         We don’t go on holiday so without this scheme he wouldn’t be able to go out much in the summer holidays. LfA is the only scheme like this for these children. It takes all children regardless of their behaviours. Many of the Trafford approved and commissioned schemes struggle with severe challenging behaviour. (parent)                               Thank you so much for giving him a really lovely week. He’s still talking about it now (in September) especially Rodney the Horse. (parent)                            We are completely happy with the service. It lets him socialise with friends, which doesn’t happen at any other time. It gives us time to spend with his sister and not have to think about him. (parent)                                LfA is hugely important to both children and parents of children with SEN. It helps to give the children a routine and also gives their parents a much-needed break. It is a vital scheme and should not be cut. (parent)                               We are so grateful and appreciative of this service that is provided. (parent)                         Good range of activities, specifically geared towards the needs of the youngsters. Reassurance for me that he is being well cared for and looked after. (parent)