We are delighted to announce that Leisure for Autism has become a partner of the TUI Care Foundation

By LFA-Admin on August 2, 2018 in Fund Raising, General news

We are delighted to announce that we have become a partner of the TUI Care Foundation, after being suggested by TUI Airways crew as one of their local base charities – we will receive donations from the on-board collections to Manchester Airport until December 2019.  We are enormously grateful to TUI Care Foundation and the local TUI Airways cabin crew for their support and the financial security that this will provide for the foreseeable future.

For more information about what else they do please go to their website.

We were c chosen because one of the crew has three sons, all of whom having attended our schemes at various times. Please keep us in mind when booking a TUI holiday and being on a return flight to Manchester.

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  1. Lynne McMullan July 30, 2019 Reply

    Hello, I find this quite hypocritical. TUI supporting an autism charity when it does very little to actually help children with autism travel on their flights. We have flown with TUI on numerous occasions and we have a severely autistic daughter but it is always a battle to get any support or help when travelling, in particular seating. We always have to phone up to ‘practically beg’ to be sat together as a family of four because of our daughter’s complex needs and if we’re lucky they give us two seats together and the other two are pot luck unless we pay. Our daughter gets extremely anxious if we we’re not altogether and I think they are using our needs as a money grabbing exercise. On our last but one trip they allowed us three seats together because we argued if we only have two, there is no one to supervise her if we need the toilet. When we checked in they allocated us three seats in row 2 and the other in row 31. An absolute joke…we got off the plane reasonably quickly with my daughter then had to wait whilst she had a complete meltdown waiting for her dad to get off about 10 minutes later…she was screaming for him. Then our last trip they (after begging) seated us all together only for us to arrive at the gate on our return trip to be told they’d split us all up due to a change of aircraft….obviously we weren’t priority as we hadn’t paid. We had to wait until a kind Greek airport member of staff helped us out whilst my daughter screamed and cried by the sweltering bus. These are only two examples…I’d be happy to share lots more but TUI, you’re a bunch of money grabbing, hypocrites who exploit families of disabled children to increase profits. Sort it out! PS…my parents travel lots with TUI also and never purchase seats together as they don’t mind or need to sit together, but every single time they’ve checked in they have adjacent seats… so as I say, only exploiting those who NEED this sort of help.

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