Manchester 2013

The scheme successfully ran for 11 days from Wednesday 24 July to Wednesday 7 August. We had a few absences but 23 children enjoyed a total of 169 days of activities. To help look after these children and young people we had 22 staff working for a total of 191 days.

See below for the planned itinerary. this gives you some idea of the activities that the children enjoyed.

Date Planned Activity
24 July Jumbles reservoir
25 July AM Swimming; PM Chorlton Water Park
26 July Dunham Massey
29 July Jumbles reservoir
30 July AM Swimming; PM Chorlton Water Park
31 July AM – TBC; PM SPACE Activity Centre
1 August Tatton Park
2 August Hyde Park
5 August Dunham Massey
6 August AM Swimming; PM Chorlton Water Park
7 August Corn Maze

If you would like to see some photographs of our schemes then you should log into Facebook.

Each year we ask our parents and staff for feedback. We have listed below some comments received for this scheme.

My daughter loved it. Excited when going, lit up when she came back. (Parent)
We were able to spend time with his siblings instead of rushing whole family out on activities centred around him. (Parent)
LfA is a lifeline to us.  The staff involved are such caring, loving, highly trained and motivated people whose enthusiasm for the scheme / young people is overwhelming. We relax in the knowledge that he is happy and with people who go out of their way to help him have fun.  We cannot express enough our gratitude you.  We only wish the scheme could run every holiday and dread the day that our son is too old to attend.(Parent)
We as a family love this very valuable play scheme. We couldn’t get through the summer holidays without it. It provides a fantastic service. I know my son is very well looked after and I can concentrate on my other children for a change knowing he is happy. (Parent)

Updated January 2014