Stockport 2013

This scheme ran successfully for 10 days from Monday 29 July to Friday 9 August. A total of 25 children attended for 183 days. To look after them 29 staff worked for 239 days.

Please see below the itinerary which will give you an idea of the things that we get up to.

Date Planned Activity
29 July Boomerang / McDonalds
30 July Tatton Park / Farm
31 July SPACE Activity Centre
1 August Swimming / Park
2 August Country walk
5 August Chester Zoo
6 August Heaton Park / train ride
7 August Cycling / Country walk
8 August Safe Play / park
9 August Beach

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Each year we ask our parents and staff for feed back. Listed below are some examples that related to this scheme.

Good atmosphere. 1 to 1 support and all staff engaged / happy. (Staff)
This was my first time at Stockport and I enjoyed it. I love working with ASC and enjoy meeting new children and supporting them. I feel that on the whole the children got a lot from this and it was a pleasure to work / care / support / guide them. Thanks. See you next summer. (Staff)
My son was able to take part in group activity suitable to his needs / interest. (Parent)
My son loves coming to LfA. He benefits by going out with other people, different places and with other young people. (Parent)
My son had an amazing time. He loves the company of wonderful staff, the variety of activities (especially physical) structure and the ‘independence from family’. (Parent)
Life with my son is so stressful for his younger sister. The scheme allows me to take her to places such as shopping, socialising, which are impossible with him home. Quality one to one time with me is rare for her. (Parent)
The carers are very highly trained to work with people with autism and the outings are fantastic – it really meets my son’s  needs. Thank you.(Parent)
My son  has attended for a few years and loves it. He likes the carers and routine of activities.(Parent)
The scheme provides appropriate activities and the staff were as helpful and flexible as ever, showing awareness of my son’s needs. Thank you.(Parent)

Updated January 2014