Trafford 2013

This scheme ran successfully for 10 days from Monday 29 July to Friday 9 August. We had 21 children attending for 130 days. To help look after our children and young people 23 staff worked for a total of 178 days.

Please see below the planned activities, which give you an idea of the sorts of things we get up to.  Our normal hours were 10am to 3pm unless marked otherwise.

Date Planned Activity
29 July# Ainsdale Beach
30 July Happy Mount Park
31 July Brookside miniature railway and Wythenshawe Park
1 August Bowling; McDonalds;Park
2 August Cheshire Ice Cream Farm
5 August Ainsdale Beach
6 August * Stockley Farm
7 August SPACE (soft play)
8 August ** North Staffordshire Adventure Playground
9 August Horse Riding

# 29 July. Later start 11am – 4pm

* 6 August. Early start 9am – 2pm

** 8 August. Later start 11am – 4pm

If you would like to see some photographs from our schemes then you can log in to our Facebook page.

Each year we ask our parents and staff for feedback. We have listed below some of the comments from this scheme.

My son benefits hugely! He loves the days out which focus entirely on what makes the children happy.(Parent)
The varied activities are great – all the things my son likes to do. (Parent)
The rest of the family had a massive benefit. I spent time with my daughter doing ‘normal’ stuff which would be impossible with my son. (Parent)
My son has attended LfA for a long time now. He looks forward to his adventures. He feels safe and always comes home happy. LfA is absolutely invaluable to him and the rest of the family.(Parent)
Although my son is non-verbal it is very easy to gauge his happiness or displeasure. When we mention LfA his face lights up, he claps his hands and jumps up and down. He is eager to get in the car. On arrival he bounces in smiling and excited. All he staff have great relationships with the children. They seem to have an amazing group who have got to know the children well. When I collect him it is clear to see that he’s happy, content and had a great day. This is the only scheme I can take him to where I know he will be so happy. If only he could tell you how great it is he definitely would! (Parent)
My son’s  challenging behaviours are channelled in a positive way. I always feel that the staff genuinely like him and enjoy his company. Also, they understand his various needs.(Parent)
The staff are very good. It is the only holiday scheme that is able to cope with my daughter’s  challenging behaviours. She is safe and enjoys coming. We have tried other services but they are unable to care for her in the same manner required. (Parent)
LfA is invaluable to us – the summer holidays would be extremely difficult without it. He looks forward to attending and always has a good time. (Parent).

Updated January 2014