Trafford 2014

We are please to let you know that our Trafford 2014 summer play scheme proved to be very successful. We had 22 children attending for a total of 127 days. thank you to the 17 staff who helped to look after them. This year there were a couple of incidents with some of the young people. These incidents were dealt with competently and effectively by the staff at the time, and the Trustees and parents of those young people have been informed.

The scheme was once again run from Pictor School, Timperley and ran from Monday 28 July to Friday 8 August (10 days).

Please see below the itinerary.

Date Planned Activity
28 July Ainsdale beach
29 July Brookside train /park
30 July Ice Cream farm
31 July North Staffs playground
1 August Bowling
4 August Ainsdale beach
5 August Monkey Forest
6 August Ape Valley park
7 August North Staffs playground
8 August Riding


If you would like to see some photographs from our schemes then you can log in to our Facebook page.

Each year we ask our parents and staff for feedback. We have listed below some of the comments from this scheme.

My son benefits hugely! Hugely! Loved the routine, kept him active, interacts so well with the fantastic staff. He was constantly asking to go on LfA via his Ipad all weekend!(Parent)
He enjoyed a lot all the play scheme. He gets the opportunity to go out and mix with other people and explore new places. This service helps him to increase his social interaction and communication and making friends. He doesn’t normally get the opportunity in other places. He likes to go outside and explore new places, this service gives him that opportunity. (Parent)
The scheme keeps me sane! It is so difficult to entertain him for 5 weeks solid. He does not like busy places with lots of children around so taking him any where on my own is usually an ordeal. On the scheme however he accesses places that are either specifically geared up for special needs and / or he is surrounded by a group of familiar faces who he knows and trusts. he comes home happy and ready to chill at home. he is also very excited to leave the house every morning to go on the scheme. As he can’t speak to tell us what he thinks about it, this in itself answers the question. (Parent)
Parents get break time and feel confident to leave him. We are so happy with this service. In future we will send him to this service and recommend to other parents as well. We can use this time to do other important work which we normally cannot do with him. (Parent)
All family time is spent on caring for our two children with ASC. LfA gives us a break to do things together that we are unable to do with them at home. (Parent)
We feel so lucky that he has somewhere to go that is safe and he can do activities that he enjoys. The staff are wonderful and treat him no differently than any other child. He gets so excited when he knows he is going to LfA. Thank you!! (Parent)
The staff are always upbeat and positive. They know the youngsters so well. The days out are well thought out. The staff ratio is also excellent. Each day you can give a hand over to the member of staff caring for your child. Nothing seems to faze them. LfA is not about getting through a day with these youngsters – it’s about giving them a great day out! (Parent)
We have had particularly challenging children on this scheme. But because we are a team that work and cooperate very well together we have coped well, ensuring that all of the children have been included on all activities to their suited level. It is very rewarding to fill their days with fun and enjoyment. (Staff)
Very well planned, daily activities, that were appropriate and enjoyable for the children.  (Staff)
Highly trained staff. Team teach. Working as a team supporting each other. (Staff).

Updated January 2015