Stockport 2014

We are pleased to let you know that our Stockport scheme was once again very successful. We looked after 29 children for a total of 190 days. A very big than you to the 28 staff who helped to look after them.

This years scheme was again run from Inscape House, Cheadle and dates were Wednesday 30 July to Tuesday 12 August (10 days).

Please see below the original proposed itinerary.

Date Planned Activity
30 July Ainsdale beach
31 July Swimming
1 August Lyme Park
4 August Buxton
5 August Safe Play Centre
6 August Boomerang
7 August Tatton Park
8 August Zoo
11 August Platte park
12 August Ainsdale Beach


If you would like to see some photographs of our schemes then you should log into Facebook.

Each year we ask our parents and staff for feedback. We have listed below some comments received for this scheme.

My son loves coming to LfA. He benefits  by mixing with his peers and doing things I couldn’t do with him. (Parent)
My son has really enjoyed himself. He looked forward to coming every day giving him a routine, which he has to have. (Parent)
The scheme gives us a break to get on with jobs etc. The summer holidays especially are very long so the break is much needed. (Parent)
His sibling struggle with his behaviours, so it allows us much needed Mum / daughter time. It is invaluable to us as a family, truly a God send. (Parent)
He has been to LfA for 5 years now and loves it. It provides the safe environment with people he feels secure with and activities that he really enjoys. Hopefully next year too! Thank you. (Parent)
LfA is a unique scheme which offers a lifeline to my family and many others. The staff are friendly, highly trained individuals who exude enthusiasm and clearly love working with our special children. Nothing is too much trouble and they go that extra mile to ensure both the family and young person are happy. We leave him with the staff each day knowing that he will be safe, well cared for and, above all, he is happy (excited in fact) to be there. We can relax and enjoy quality time together and know he will be having a fantastic day. The scheme offers a good range of activities to cater for the wide range of young people. (Parent)
He did try another scheme but it was way too big. We love this club. It is a nice size so he knows most of the staff and other people who attend, which makes him feel safe and happy. We like it being this size too because there is always someone close by who knows him and what he likes and dislikes. They go to great places and the staff seem very welcoming and are brilliant with the kids. Not sure what we would do without the place. Thanks so much to all involved, it is such a big help and he is always happy when he knows there is another LfA day coming up. (Parent)
Parents and young people are happy to be re-united – the point of respite. (Staff)
I found the staff very friendly and helpful and everyone got on well. The Team Manager was organised and would listen to any problems. (Staff)

Updated January 2015