Wigan 2014

It is with regret that I must advise you that we have had to cancel this summer’s play scheme.

We had arranged to use Landgate School as our base but have not been able to secure suitable transport – this has been a recurring issue for us over recent years and the cost of buying transport in has become prohibitive. Funding has significantly reduced since we started the scheme in 2005 and it is a sad fact of life that we simply do not receive the same level of support in Wigan as we do for the other schemes that we operate.

Whilst I realise that it will be a massive disappointment to both our youngsters and our staff, we cannot continue to operate in this way and it would not be in anybody’s interests to run a scheme that might not meet the high standards that we insist upon.

I hope that we will be able to provide a service in future years but would take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the past 9 years – it is greatly appreciated and I am deeply sorry that we are not able to provide a service this year.

John Corker

Chairman, On behalf of the Trustees

Updated 27 June 2014