Manchester 2018

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Comments from our parents and carers about our Manchester 2018 scheme.                             How did your child benefit from attending our scheme?                                        T loved the mini bus journeys to the activities, meeting other kids and have a different adventure every day.                                      He got to visit a lot of places which was fun and adventurous.                                                               M went happily every day and came home in a great mood. She is a very active child, so the scheme allowed her to use her energy in a positive manner, as well as develop her social and interactive skills. These holidays are particularly long and M is not able to access many other activities, so it really is a fun, safe and stimulating club for her.                                   He got to use and advance his communication and social skills.                        A was happy when he came home.                                 It helped to keep her fit and active, to enjoy a sense of adventure, and to explore different perspectives each day.                                     L was able to go on a variety of activities that otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to do, especially when I’m on my own with him and his brother during the holidays. The 2 weeks playscheme also helped to break up the long summer holidays which he finds particularly hard to cope with. He enjoyed every activity and had lots of fun.                                    They have the opportunity by going to the seaside, swimming, playground and also visiting new places which they never been before. They have had a great time during the Summer Scheme.                               How did the rest of your family benefit?                                  Saving money. Happy child.                          Short break while he’s on playscheme. Burden of taken him out and about was uplifted.                                     It is a long summer break so it takes some pressure off us, finding and doing activities with M during the rest of the holidays can be exhausting. It allows us to spend time with other children in the family, and them some quality time. Having M happy and in a good mood because she’s being stimulated is the best thing as it makes home life so much easier.                                 Time to enjoy each other’s company. Time to catch up with our own activities and time to do the things which need to be done such as going to the supermarket for essential supplies (a job which is extremely difficult with an autistic child).                                              I was able to spend some quality time with his younger brother and take him to places that aren’t possible with him. I could relax knowing L was safe and happy and having lots of fun on each activity with the brilliant staff.                                                 I have time to take my two kids out also for football, swimming which could have been difficult if I am to go with 4 of them. It is hard to manage them. It has given me a great opportunity to have time with by two kids thanks.                                         Do you have any other comments including how we can improve ours service?                         Playscheme time span was too short. 4 hours and sometimes 5 hours per day feels short.                                             We appreciate that the staff are working in their holidays and it’s hard work but a slightly longer day would be helpful. It’s 2.30 before you know it.                                       Excellence overall. The playscheme was loaded with variety of activities with visit to different places, which makes it exceptional. Well done for a well put together playscheme that was worthwhile. Thank you.                                              We are very grateful to the staff and people who run the scheme. They are so kind, patient and positive that it actually makes you feel more confident and positive when you meet them.                                     Thank you very much!                                            A fantastic experience for both children and carers- thank you so much to all the wonderful Staff who gave up their time to give our children such fun.                                                 Just to take this opportunity to say thank you for your kindness and your help to the family needs and your great support.