Manchester 2016

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Comments received for Manchester 2016                She loves going – she gets lots of exercise which helps to calm her a little when she gets home. (parent)                    She loved the scheme. She went happily and came home happy. She was more settled at home. (parent)                  Have time to stay with other children. Have rest. (parent)                       It has given me and my husband some valuable ‘us’ time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We benefit from time for each other and time to do activities and hobbies. (parent).                      This is invaluable as her brother was able to have days out and friends around, which he cannot do when she is home. (parent)                    I think it is brilliant. (parent)          Excellent. Nice staff. Good communication with parents and be aware about the children’s needs. (parent)                         I would like to express my thanks for the fantastic scheme. My grand daughter had the most wonderful time with such a varied programme of events. The staff are incredible and I feel that she is in such safe hands – they are so caring and kind. (parent)              The scheme is fantastically well run by the most dedicated staff who understand our children and who greatly care about them. We find the schemes invaluable and she loves not only the activities (which are many and varied) but the staff as well. I feel very confident that she is safe and happy when she is in their care. The scheme is essential for both children and carers. (parent)                    Am very grateful for the scheme. Don’t know how we would cope without. Can’t praise the staff who run it enough, they are kind and patient and know her well. She benefits in so many ways – exercise, educational, socially etc. Thank you for all your efforts. They are appreciated by all the family. (parent)