Stockport 2016

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Comments from our Stockport 2016 scheme.                    He loves coming to LfA. He enjoys all the activities that you do with him. (parent)              The scheme gave him the chance to have fun and socialise with new friends and carers, increasing his independence and further developing social skills and life lessons. (parent)                     He was really happy to go and we are finding opportunities like this help to increase his independence. (parent)                       It allowed him to have some routine and structure which really helps him during the long school holidays. (parent)               We benefit enormously as we know he is having a good time and I can do things with my daughter that I cannot do when he is with us. (parent)            It gave his sister the opportunity to spend quality one to one time with both parents and visit places we are unable to go when he is with us. (parent)                        His sister had some respite during the scheme as he can be quite aggressive with her. (parent)            I was able to send spend time with his brothers. I was able to go shopping. The scheme tired him out so I was able to get some sleep.  (parent)                 A valuable and rewarding service for both young people with autism and their carers. It’s a shame there is no horse riding any more. (parent)                    He is loving his time going on trips. He is so happy. (parent)                   A huge thanks to the whole team, but especially his key worker. He really took to him and this played a significant part in the success of his time with LfA. It is something he now looks forward to and we have built into our thoughts for summers. (parent)                   A super day out for autistic kids / teenagers. Positive, nurturing environment. (parent)                     We would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone involved in LfA. This playscheme is the only one suitable for him to attend as they go out to places that he enjoys. We know he is having a great time and so can do other things that we wouldn’t be able to with him. Thank you all again. (parent)                    LfA is a well organised scheme run by caring, understanding, friendly staff, who are experienced and well trained. The scheme is an absolute god send to our family. No other playscheme has bee able to cope with his complex needs. We leave him at the scheme relaxed in the knowledge that he will be happy and well cared for. thank you all so much. (parent)                       We are really pleased he had the opportunity to attend. He had a great time and it gave us some time with our daughter over along holiday period. The staff were amazing and he was very comfortable with them. Thank you to everyone involved. (parent)                The service is excellent. It was vital to help us cope over the summer. We would really have struggled without the help that the scheme provides. (parent)