Trafford 2016

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Comments from parents on our Trafford 2016 summer scheme.              He loved every minute of it. He makes friends.                       Enabled him to go on trips with other people to places otherwise not able to get to.                     He enjoyed it Immensely!! Happy, stimulated, loved it the minute we showed him it was “L4A” Day on his communication app.                It gives him an opportunity to get out of the house and take part in activities he would otherwise not be able to.                 He very much enjoyed the trips. He was looking forward to going each day. He benefitted from a variety of activities. It helped him to mix with other children and not stand out from the crowd. He really enjoyed every day.                  He enjoyed days out which he would not usually be able to go on. He interacted with other people, not just members of his family.               The break does us all good. We can do errands that he hates.                    Gave us some free time to just do everyday normal activities. I work in a school so holidays are always spent looking after him, so any “free time” is a bonus.                 Invaluable time to spend with his siblings doing the things which are typical yet impossible to do with him.                       We and our two other children were able to enjoy activities together in a more relaxed way e.g. going out for a meal together.                   It was an absolute godsend as it gave us a little bit of time to be able to get on with everyday activities.              Just want to thank you all for everything you do.                Excellent scheme – would be so much harder during summer holidays without it.             I have several children all with ASD. I have used various schemes but LfA is the best thing we have ever found. Staff are caring and totally positive. Days out are well thought out and structured. It’s a quality fun day out – you feel that your child is getting great care.               I just cannot praise this organisation enough – just amazing. Thank you.                        It is clear to see how much the children enjoy it. They all look content and happy at the start and end of each day. Fantastic scheme!                      It is so difficult to manage particularly in the school holidays. LfA has over the years provided our family with the opportunity to work and spend time with non-disabled siblings. Some years it was the only time that our daughter got some time alone with us to do an activity of her choice in the school holidays. Both our children can display challenging behaviour and have been turned away from other LA funded services. LfA has never turned us away.                       We think the scheme is very well organised. He feels comfortable and knows what to expect. The staff are kind and caring. The trips are varied and interesting for the children. It is very exciting for them to have a trip out on the bus. It is a nice day for them – just the right length of time and enough time for the rest of the family to enjoy doing something together. The set routines of the day work well for the children. There is a lovely atmosphere at drop off /pick up times. The staff are lovely and clearly enjoy taking the children out. We always feel he is being very well cared for. Everybody gets 1:1 support. This is excellent. LfA is a fantastic scheme. Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.                                He had such a wonderful time and really seemed to enjoy himself. It gave him a little bit of time away from us and gave him the chance to mix with other children, which he loves, without being the odd one out. It was so lovely for him to be included in everything and hopefully this will build his confidence a little and gave him the opportunity to try things that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do such as going horse riding – which I thought was amazing.                       He has to have one on one care and every carer who looked after him was brilliant. They couldn’t do enough to help him and encouraged him to try new things, which I know couldn’t have been easy for them. I was given really good feedback from them each day which I found reassuring. He seemed calmer in the evenings after going out for the day with LfA which was great as he usually doesn’t sit down until he goes to bed. He slept really well also as he always wakes up several times in the night usually so as you can imagine this was an immense benefit to us.