Manchester 2017

By LFA-Admin on November 17, 2017 in

Comments from parents on our Manchester 2017 summer scheme.                           What an absolutely fabulous time she has had. The wonderful staff have given her so much enjoyment from the great days out she had. She had a great time giving her endless supply of energy a workout. When she got home after an activity packed day she was happy and a little calmer.                                        Really enjoyed it. Gets to “socialise”, gain skills and have lots of fun.                                  It gave us time for ourselves to re-charge our batteries. It enabled us to do the necessary chores such as washing, ironing, preparing meals and gave us time to enjoy each other’s company.                                    Her brother was able to have 1:1 time with us and fun days out without coping with her behaviour.                                      It meant his sister had more attention. We could go to places and do things that she wanted.                        It is so hard to entertain her for about 16 hours a day without your help. Thank you so much. A wonderful service – vital to families. A six week summer holiday is impossible to fill without the help of the play scheme. She requires 1:1 help all day and as her main carers it is exhausting. The care she received was fantastic – a wonderfully varied fortnight of activities with the most caring and dedicated staff. She loves going and has a great time using up some of her endless energy. Please, please continue this wonderful service.                                        We are very grateful for the service. The staff and organisation is brilliant. The holiday in summer is very long and two weeks allow her to enjoy her break and relieves a great burden from us. Would like to thank all those involved – there are so many volunteers and we are really grateful for their involvement. Would be terrible if it did not continue and have a big impact on us and her quality of life.                                                He really enjoyed this opportunity. He doesn’t get the chance to attend out of school clubs. His behaviour usually stops this. I am extremely grateful to all the organisers and volunteers for making the scheme possible.