Stockport 2017

By LFA-Admin on November 17, 2017 in

Comments from our Stockport 2017 scheme.                          [He was] mixing with other children and adults in a safe environment.                                  He was able to socialise with other people and was occupied on his days out.                                        He loved going to some places in an independent way. He loved feeling like his sister by joining a “club” and not always being with Mum and Dad.                Confidence building. Social skills developed. Fun.                                              He loves coming. He gets to enjoy days out. He enjoys being with his peers. He gets very excited about coming and his happy when I pick him up.                                The scheme allowed him to have fun with peers, while developing life skills, social skills and independence.                                         He gets anxious and doesn’t get to mix with others or go out on days out so going with LfA helps him socialise and interact in a group he feels safe and happy in and gives him experiences outside of the home.                                            Got to go on a train, which he loves and go to two different parks. He also liked going on the mini bus.                                   I could feel relaxed knowing my son was enjoying himself in a safe supported environment.                                        We could spend time with our daughter knowing he was having fun and was with a Team who understand his areas of difficulty.                                       [We loved] seeing our son feel included and valued.                                                 We are able to do things as a family which would be difficult with him – take our daughter shopping, cinema etc.                                           It gives his brothers a chance to have some time alone with Mum and Dad and gives them some attention they want and need.                                     I was able to take my other child out without worrying about him running off.                                       We can’t thank LfA enough. This feels like a great opportunity for him as he loves it. It is the only support we access to allow us time with our daughter too, so is a really important club to us. Thank you all!                                   A big “thank you” to everyone involved with LfA. Without you all the long summer holidays would be very difficult to deal with. He really enjoys coming, getting very excited about coming and being happy when I pick him up.                                          LfA has been a lifeline for our family for many summers offering a calm, safe environment for him to grow as a person, whilst fully supported by highly trained staff. We have been able to give our daughter lots of experiences she would be unable to have if he was at home knowing that he would be well cared for. The managers and staff behind the scenes show a wealth of knowledge and understanding. As parents we feel fully supported by the whole team and we thank you for your help, support and compassion.                                             The staff are great and make him happy which is what we want and it gives us as a family a short respite but much needed so we are very grateful. Thank you.                                     It was his first time on the scheme and he seemed to enjoy himself. I felt confident he was well looked after.