Trafford 2017

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Comments from our Trafford 2017 scheme.                             He benefits from days out socialising, interacting with others, learning independence.                                  The scheme allows her to interact and socialise with her peers. Outside of school this is her only opportunity and the scheme was her only chance to do this over the summer.                                All days out fully focussed on what our children enjoy. They love the journey to their activities. He was so happy very day. The best scheme we’ve ever used.                                     He gets to go out to new places with familiar adults. He always comes back happy and smiling.                                      Kept him fully occupied and gave him the opportunity to visit a variety of places in a safe environment when he may not have been otherwise able to.                                      He became more confident and also his social skills improved.                                    He enjoyed 2 days of entertainment in the school holidays. He did not appear anxious going for the second time – testament to the preparation and confidence of the helpers. He has limited language and socially isolated but said after his first day “New friend”. Priceless! His behaviour also seemed better, perhaps because less bored.                                                   He benefitted in so many ways – chances to go to interesting and stimulating places with people who understand his needs, building his independence and confidence to name but a few.                                     We have the confidence that my son is safe, happy and well looked after in the group.                             She is happier which makes our family life much smoother.                                      Invaluable help for the family – it enabled his sister to have quality time doing activities it’s impossible to do if he is with us.                                       Usually our attention and focus is on him. When he goes with LfA his brother takes our full attention and we get to do normal things with him.                                              He is an only child but it certainly helped me enormously. I was able to have a few hours to myself which I wouldn’t have had. Thanks.                                            Since my son’s condition requires constant attention his attendance on the scheme allowed the family more quality time.                                  This was the first year we did the scheme. It gave grandparents 2 days off babysitting to help elsewhere. We were delighted with the scheme and just wish we had found it sooner.                                    His younger sister benefitted enormously from him being on the scheme. It gave me the chance for some 1:1 time with her.                                    It’s an excellent service, approachable staff. They make sure needs of all individuals are met without prejudice or discrimination.                                            The care that she received was exemplary. Outings are well planned and she is happy and sociable when on them. This service is vital for her because she cannot socialise independently due to her disabilities. A huge thank you to all involved.                                   This is the best form of scheme / activity / respite we’ve ever found. In our experience this is head and shoulders above any [other scheme].                                     LfA is well organised.                                           This scheme is fantastic for him. The carers are excellent and work really hard to ensure he benefits form his days out. I appreciate that this scheme is extremely popular now but if at all possible it would be great for him to attend all the days out as he is now familiar with this and feels confident enough to go without me. This is the only opportunity that he gets to have time away from me and I feel that this will be beneficial as he gets older.                                      We are hoping that LfA can continue with the fantastic service and help that they have been offering to the children, and their families, in the future.                                           We were overwhelmed at the start of the holidays by need for childcare and so little options. As he has got older it is hard for us to find carers to fulfil his needs. It was daunting handing over our almost non-verbal boy to strangers but as soon as arrived felt reassured by the level of organisation and preparation. He clearly enjoys himself and enabled him to develop social skills.                                      This is a brilliant play scheme. I wish it ran for longer over the holidays as it is so beneficial for my son and the rest of the family.