Stockport 2019

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Comments received from parents and carers of our Stockport 2019 scheme.                                How did your youngster benefit from attending our scheme?                  Socialised. Loved getting out. Doing activities he relies on his mum doing with him.                     Got him out of the house doing something he enjoyed.                 He benefits so much from attending the scheme. He loves going out and about with staff and his peers. He gets the opportunity to mix with others and gets so much out of going to different places.              Confidence.               Independence.                   Access to places he might not be able to go to otherwise.                  Making friends.                            The group is a good size, not being too big, so he knows most of the staff and most of the other children well, which makes him happy.                    A chance to access the community in a social atmosphere, really loved all 4 days! All the team at Leisure for Autism are highly trained and passionate about what they do!                                    Got to go to places with other adults – usually only goes out with mum and dad or school. Really enjoyed where they went and being in the mini bus.                                  K was able to spend time interacting with peers and staff, enjoying a variety of activities and having fun in a safe environment.                                 Independence, interesting days out, socialising with new people.                                          He had fun days out, I can’t manage to get him out, I have no transport and another child whose anxiety stops him leaving the house. He has fun and mixes with other people. This is the only thing he does, he has never settled at any other group that we have tried.                                              Being able to go out to do an activity away from the home, to socialise with others in a safe environment and to be able to do new things and try new experience.               How did the rest of your family benefit?                              A break. Being able to work some days knowing he was doing something he likes.                                    Less stress as he was able to attend activities that were suitable for him, with 1:1 support.                               I can do things with my daughter that wouldn’t be able to do with him.                              We don’t have a P.A for him. We’ve been trying for a long time to find one, but have had no luck, so far, so this break, really helps us. It gives me and his father, a chance to have some quality time together. We also get chance to get lots of jobs done, that can be very hard work, when he is with us. The school holidays last a long time and can be hard work, so this break makes a big difference to us.                                       A chance to spend time with my 3 year old and do activities his autistic brothers find stressful.                                   I have a 3 year old and can’t take both children out together so it massively helped me in the holidays.                              Happy in knowledge that my son is having fun with capable and experienced carers.  We got a break too!                                       Our family activities usually revolve around K’s needs. When he attends the scheme, we are able to devote time to his sibling and experience activities he would not tolerate. We are able to relax and enjoy precious time with our daughter, safe in the knowledge that K is happy and well cared for by an experienced, enthusiastic staff team.                                                     We are able to spend 1 to 1 time with his siblings which we can’t always do and have a break from the needs and attention he requires which enables us to relax a little and re charge our own batteries.                                    It gives me time with his younger brother, he never gets enough one on one time with me.