Trafford 2019

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Comments received from parents and carers of our Trafford 2019 scheme.                                How did your youngster benefit from attending our scheme?                      She had a fab day out and the opportunity to socialise both with her peers and other adults.                                     He gets so many benefits from the scheme. He loves going out for the day with you and gets very excited when he realises that I’m taking him there. He always comes back from a trip happy, wherever he has been. I also think it’s really good for him to mix with the older children.                                 Endless! This is THE best holiday club/care/respite we have ever used.                                     He bounces onto the bus, happy and full of smiles. He feels safe and secure with the caring staff. Activities are totally appropriate, levels of staffing means you know your child is safe and getting the best experience.                                     He gets to mix with his peers. He gets to do numerous activities, which is beneficial for him emotionally and physically.                                   Meeting and joining in with other children having lots of fun and being with new people.                          Days out during long summer break.                              Time with adults other than parents.                        A measure of independence from parents.                          Some socialisation with other kids.                          The chance to mix with other children as he doesn’t have any siblings.                                    The variety of places he visited and gaining confidence from the experience                       He really enjoyed. Loved it. ❤️    Inclusion, happiness.                        He was excited about attending and talked about it afterwards. It gave him a small sense of independence going off on a trip without us like his sisters sometimes do with friends.                                                He is with his peers. And gets to access activities that he would probably not get to use.                    How did the rest of your family benefit?                                  Some vital time to myself in what is the busiest time of year for a carer.                                     It gives me and my daughter a chance to spend some quality time together and gives us time to go and do things e.g. cinema, trips out etc that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It’s really good for me to know that he’s being so well cared for whilst he’s out with you, by people who understand him and his needs.                          Total peace of mind that he’s in safe hands bit also really enjoying himself. Time to spend with my daughter doing typical things much are otherwise impossible to do. It’s a lifeline without doubt.                          We have the confidence that he is using a service which understands his needs. It gives us time as his carers to spend time with each other or spend time with other members of the family.                               It’s a break for us.                                          Gives me time to catch up doing things and I know she is doing something she likes and is not stressed.                                       Help managing the long summer break around work and other commitments.                                 Energetic days out help reduce problems at home during long holiday.                                              A chance to catch up on things that can’t be done easily when he is at home such as cleaning and shopping etc.                                    Family had some quiet time as he is very hyper.                                Spending time with other siblings.                                        I (Mum) was able to do an activity with his sisters that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do.                                 Free time for us. Peace knowing that he is in safe hands.                          He had a possible seizure when he was out one time, but the actions of his carers were superb, and he was in very safe hands with them while he was out.                     Everything is perfect.                    Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding the Scheme or the charity in general?                                    The days out you provide for the kids are vital to all members of the family. In the current climate of austerity there are so few places that my daughter can socialise and simply have fun. I know that she is safe and cared for. Don’t ever stop doing what you do!                        Thank you all so much.                                     The staff are wonderful. Many are the same friendly faces who’ve been helping for years! Always positive, never fazed. Thank you from us all!                                  LFA is an amazing charity. What you do for us as parents/ carers goes above and beyond. We are so very, very grateful for what you do and by doing this we get time as parents/ carers to have a little ‘me time’ in the knowledge that your young person is well looked after and having a great time.                                     It’s an amazing charity. I don’t let her go anywhere without me, but the staff have been outstanding with her complex needs and I am comfortable leaving her with them and so is she. Thank you for all being so kind and understanding.                           This is a hugely valuable resource for us as parents managing a child with very significant needs. For J it provides variety during the long holiday. What is great is it is staffed by people who work in the local SEN schools so there are always helpers who are familiar to J and who already know his particular needs.                      Really happy with this scheme and really grateful for all the hard work that everyone puts in and hope it continues as he thoroughly enjoys himself on his days out.                                 I love the scheme and really appreciate all the members.                            Brilliant play scheme. Keep up the good work.